Abortion, what it is and what it is not.

Elaborating on my words “Pro-life is untenable… Yet, pro-choice on its own does not mean much unless society invests in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and avoidance of abortions by eliminating the causes, where possible.” You can read the full post here.

Before all else, I’d like to spell out that I respect women’s individuality. The decision to carry on pregnancy is solely for the pregnant woman to make.

Additionally, I don’t recognize abortion as a divisive issue. Come on, it is the 21st century. Abortion has become an established democratic right in industrialized countries and discussing it makes as much sense as discussing if women to be allowed to stay in the workforce, or if homosexuality should be criminalized again.

People who think it is their place to tell women what to do with their bodies have personal problems that they must personally deal with, preferably quietly.

I am afraid, some reactions to my previous post prove my point that the messages sent by the pro-choice people are sometimes interpreted incorrectly.

Abortion must stay legal and accessible does not mean abortion is to be taken lightly.

Believe it or not, playing down this medical procedure encourages some men who don’t want to use protection, to push women to use abortion as a birth control method.

Abortion takes a toll on women, physically and mentally; it has its risks and especially consecutive abortions, may leave a woman infertile.

Abortion is like an amputation; when the conditions call for it, doctors perform it. However, nobody wants amputation to happen.

To achieve this, clearly, banning amputation would be a silly proposal. Instead, people work on preventing the conditions from occurring that lead up to surgeries cutting off patients’ limbs. Likewise, providing easy access to abortion to women is not resolving the unwanted pregnancy issues. Nobody is crazy about abortions; in a perfect world, there would not be any need for them.

In conclusion, we must concentrate on the factors that cause unwanted pregnancies and eliminate them by such as providing students better sex education, and women, easy and free access to contraception pills as of their first menstruation. P.S.: Contraception pills are prescribed to young girls before the age of consent to regulate and ease their periods.

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