According to secularists, how long after fertilization does a baby become alive?

Being “pro-choice” or “pro-life” is a political matter rather than anything else. If it were for religious reasons and pro-life people really cared about babies, they would not not-want to do anything with babies once they are delivered. It is my observation that most pro-life people often think a born baby is someone else’s baby, someone else’s problem – somehow their capitalistic principles kick in after babies are born.

Going back to your question. In our modern society, we expect individuals to be viable for themselves to survive. In other words, if an individual needs a third party to keep them alive providing help is at the pleasure of the aiding party.

For example, if a baby needs a periodic blood transfusion to stay alive, we do not force others to donate their blood for the baby. We live with the fact that if there is no donated blood there is no baby.

In fact, we respect individuals’ wishes so much that unless we have individuals’ pre-mortem permissions we do not harvest their organs post-mortem even though we know that those organs left to rot can potentially save multiple lives.

In conclusion, I will go as far as to say so called “pro-life movement” is communistic. It is based on the philosophy that what is perceived as the common good overwrites the individuals’ wishes.

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