Am I still considered an atheist if I am ready to accept God with irrefutable evidence?

I am not sure how honest it is for an atheist to say “scientific evidence would change my mind”. Here is why.

“All phenomena have natural causes”, “There is consistency in the causes that operate in the natural world”, and “Evidence from the natural world can be used to learn about those phenomena” are some of the fundamental assumptions of science. In other words if any one of the assumptions is not in place the matter is unscientific (but not necessarily wrong).

If by God we mean a supernatural conscious entity who can intervene the natural world through supernatural ways then God hypothesis is not a scientific hypothesis and cannot be verified through our scientific methods.

I am afraid science will never lead humans to gods whether they exist or not because any “I don’t know” in science can be considered “God did it!”. Therefore science will always say “I don’t know, yet” and proceed with looking for natural solutions to explain natural events.

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  1. As an Atheist, I would accept god with irrefutable evidence. I strongly advise you to do the same…. but do not believe in anything, one second before that. Call me when it happens. Till then I’ll consider an invisible God the same as a non-existent one. 8O

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