Are religious hate speech and hate crimes protected by freedom of religion?

The definitions of hate speech and freedom of speech vary in every country.

For example, the UK is overly sensitive to hate speech. Regardless of its religiosity, one can get prison time for verbal attacks on minorities, including LGBT people in public.

In the Netherlands, the scope of freedom of speech is wide. For example, in the past, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands ruled that “LGBT people are the cancer of society”, a remark uttered by a Dutch Imam, was not hate speech but an expression of personal opinion.

In France, one wouldn’t dare to make any sort of religious hate speech, since France is a strictly secular state and they don’t have any tolerance for religious hate speech.

Swedes, on the other hand, are peace-loving people who avoid confrontations at any cost. They are proud of the fact that for over 200 years, their country has not been involved in a war. Therefore, religious hate speech in Sweden is unimaginable to me. Hence, I am not sure what they would do with someone who gave, however; religious hate speech from a legal standpoint, however, I am fairly sure Swedes would privately mock i

And for the US…

In the US one can perhaps get away with any kind of speech and even attract followers. For example, a group can claim “the sky is red” and demand respect for their opinions, and call media that cite blue as the color of the sky biased.

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