Is it true that two atheists tried to refute the resurrection of Jesus and ended up converting?

In the 1960s my elder sister was taken to the hospital after she had swallowed my uncle’s antiepileptic drugs. Not long after she had arrived at the hospital, she was pronounced dead and taken to the morgue.

At the morgue before signing off my sister’s death certificate, the chief physician as the final check pierced the sole of my sister’s foot, to which she reacted.

Can it be that my sister is the second coming of Jesus?

Archaeological evidence of Jesus, does not exist.

There is no definitive physical or archaeological evidence of the existence of Jesus. “There’s nothing conclusive, nor would I expect there to be,” Lawrence Mykytiuk, an associate professor of library science at Purdue University and author of a 2015 Biblical Archaeology Review article on the extra-biblical evidence of Jesus, says. “Peasants don’t normally leave an archaeological trail.”

“The reality is that we don’t have archaeological records for virtually anyone who lived in Jesus’s time and place,” says University of North Carolina religious studies professor Bart D. Ehrman, author of Did Jesus Exist? The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth. “The lack of evidence does not mean a person at the time didn’t exist. It means that she or he, like 99.99% of the rest of the world at the time, made no impact on the archaeological record.”

Questions of authenticity continue to surround direct relics associated with Jesus, such as the crown of thorns he reputedly wore during his crucifixion (one possible example is housed inside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris), and the Shroud of Turin, a linen burial cloth purportedly emblazoned with the image of his face.

Even if ...

Assuming two atheist researchers happened to be convinced beyond doubt that historical Jesus, who was crucified on a Friday but spotted alive on the subsequent Monday, existed the rational conclusion they would have arrived is that Jesus had not died on the cross on the said Friday in the first place. j

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