My atheist neighbors worship Hitler helping evolution forward. Why do atheists have such evil beliefs?

I suppose you have also Jewish, LGBT and Romani neighbours who adore Adolf Hitler and name their children after him.

To your surprise, Hitler despised atheists and got them executed where possible. According to Hitler all atheists were communists. (Further reading: Mein Kampf)

Nazis were a group of Protestants and Catholics.


  1. The quote you post shows that Hitler ruthlessly used religious faith for his own wicked purposes. The quote does not show that Hitler believed in God or had faith in God.

    • In any case, Nazi soldiers were carefully picked among Catholics, and Protestants.

      That sad, the religious beliefs of Hitler or other Nazis is irrelevant because the World War II was not religiously motivated therefore had nothing to do with Christianity or Atheism. 7 million Soviet Russians, 6 million Jews and 3 million Poles were killed for their ethnicity.

      The problem is with people who are trying to associate atheism with Hitler.

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