Why do scientists reject the idea of creationism?

The process of science builds reliable knowledge about the natural world. To see evidence of this reliability, one can look around at the everyday products of scientific knowledge: from airplanes to antibiotics, from batteries to bridges. These technologies only work because science does.

The process of building scientific knowledge relies on a few basic assumptions that are worth acknowledging. Science operates on the assumptions that:

Creationism does not satisfy any of the above conditions, and virtually does not make any falsifiable claims – and a few small falsifiable claims it makes has already been falsified by scientists (e.g. the age of Earth).

When science cannot explain something, scientists, whether they are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, or atheists, do not jump to “God must have done it. They leave it as “we do know yet”.

The mainstream denominations of Christianity embrace science in all aspects and accept cosmology and evolutionary biology as the branches of science that investigate the tools God has used to create the universe and living things.

The people who have a problem with science are mostly literalist Jews, Christians and Muslims.

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