Why seem to be that a relatively small number of people are atheists?

Until the late 19th century the common wisdom was that everything around us was apparently designed by a designer and therefore “there are no deities” was an illogical proposition. Hence, even people who see that religions were rubbish had been holding onto the god hypothesis while entering the 20th century.

Can you blame them? Nature seems random and it does not readily make watches, shoes, houses, and tools. Without scientific knowledge, it is not difficult to anticipate why humans would think that all evidence around us points to a maker.

However, in parallel to improving science, and getting a better understanding of how nature works the number of atheists and irreligious people in the West, which unsurprisingly has a higher Gini, has ever been growing.

As the world gets wealthier and better educated it is only expected that atheism and irreligiousness will slowly but surely grow.

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